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Parents & Caregivers

Manage Big Emotions While Building a Connection with Your Teen

Join us by Zoom on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm to learn evidence based skills from the comfort of your home. 

A 6 week DBT Skills Group that will teach you how to:


  1. Understand and support your teen’s intense emotions/mental health challenges

  2. Build strong connections and attachment with your teen

  3. Be a more mindful and present parent

  4. Decrease intense emotions within the family home.

  5. Have effective communication between you and your teen

  6. Regulate your emotions and help your teen regulate their own.


Each 2-hour group session is $162 and invoices will be provided for insurance purposes upon payment receipt.

6-Week Module Outline

Week 1:

What is Happening with My Teen?  (Part 1) 

  • Learn the physiological impacts on your teen’s emotions and behaviors.


Dialectical Parenting with Mindfulness: The Road to Finding Balance with Your Teen…and Yourself

  • Learn important skills for parenting a teen including what factors may be getting in the way while also learning the value of being present with yourself and your teen despite the stressors in daily life.


Week 2:


What is Happening with My Teen? (Part 2)

  • Learn the development and environmental factors that may be impacting teens emotions and behaviors and interfering in your relationship with your teen.


(Re) Building Attachment and How You Can Be Your Teen’s Support Person

  • Learn concrete, accessible strategies to begin opening the door for connection to happen with your teen and letting them know you can be their support person once again.


Week 3:


The Power of Validation: Making the Connection Magic Happen.  

  • Learn that with a few, simple skills including “Connection before Correction” your relationship with your teen can change…for the better.


These Emotions are so Overwhelming!  

  • Learn that when emotions get high, there is power in parenting with “Calm”.  Including specific strategies on distress tolerance skills and how to bring “Calm” back when it's lost.


Week 4:


Reality Acceptance…Even When It Feels Unacceptable

  • Learn the value of and the specific skills to heal and accept difficult situations in our lives with our teens, even when it seems impossible.


Emotion Regulation as a Super Power that We Need to Learn

  • Learn the importance of  emotion regulation skills and how to model these skills to your teen.


Week 5:


Daily Interactions and Keeping It All Together

  • Learn the factors that influence the outcomes of our daily interactions with our teens. Learn strategies to help you and your family build flexibility and acceptance while maintaining connections.


Week 6:


Introduction to the Communication Power Houses

  • Learn concrete communication strategies that will help you “speak to be heard” by your teen.  And, the skills for you in order to “listen to learn” from your teen.

Let us help you COPE Well.

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