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Group of Friends

Young Adults (18+ years)

Manage Life Stressors &

Build Self-Compassion

Join us via Zoom on Thursday afternoons from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. for our two-part DBT series. Learn evidence-based skills from the comfort of your couch. Each part will consist of four weeks of learning.

Next Session starts September 26th

A two-part series, DBT Informed Skills Group, that will teach you how to:

  1. Understand and manage challenging emotions and stress

  2. Be more mindful and present in everyday life while developing self-compassion

  3. Decrease difficult emotions in relationships with family, peers and coworkers

  4. Effectively communicate needs and boundaries while maintaining effective relationships


Each 1-hour group session is $125, and invoices will be provided for insurance purposes upon payment receipt.

DBT- two part series- Module Outline

Part One:

Week 1:


What is DBT and How Can DBT Help Me?

  • Learn the “ins and outs” of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and the ways it can be helpful to you.


Young Adult Stressors are Real!

  • Learn about young adult realities and the very real factors that can make life more stressful.

Mindfulness…What, When and How to Practice

  • Learn how mindfulness can help you to be present in all aspects of your life, including when trying to manage challenging emotions.

Week 2: 

Self-Compassion & Self-Care: The Game Changers

  • Learn the evidence-based practice of self-compassion and how this skill can build self-confidence and alleviate stress and anxiety. Intentional self-care can also boost positive impacts!

Weeks 3 & 4:

Stress, Distress and How to Cope

  • Learn about stress and distress, their physiological impacts, and specific strategies for tolerating distress and intense emotions.

Reality Acceptance…Even When It Feels Unacceptable

  • Learn specific skills to heal and accept difficult situations in your life…even when it seems impossible.


Part Two:

Week 5/6:

Intense Emotions and How to Regulate Them

  • Learn the importance of emotion regulation skills and how you can use these skills to your benefit!

  • Learn how to regulate emotions before they happen.


Week 7/8: 


Introduction to the Communication Powerhouses (and Wrecking Balls!)

  • Learn concrete strategies to help you communicate effectively in relationships. Learn how to communicate your needs and how to communicate when relationships are difficult. 

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself and others.

Let us help you Cope Well.

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