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Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered below, please email us at We're happy to help!

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Where are the groups held?

Our teen groups are  hosted in person and our Young Adult and Parent groups  are hosted online 


How much does it cost to attend group?

Youth and Parent Group (two hour therapeutic skills) session is $162.  Young Adults Group (one hour therapeutic skills) session is $100. You will receive an invoice for your insurance company (if applicable) following payment for each session.


In the Parents & Caregivers Group, is the fee per person or per family?

The fee for the Parents & Caregivers Group is per family. We encourage both parents/caregivers of the teen to attend.


Do I need to have my camera on during the group?

We respect each person’s individual comfort level therefore it is your choice how visible you would like to be in the group.


If I miss a session and would like to catch up on material, how can I do that?

Our facilitators will make an effort to ensure you are up to date on the material prior to the next session.


Are the groups covered by insurance?

Please check with your individual insurance provider to find out if you have coverage for 'group therapy' services.


Do I have to attend all sessions?

Participation in all sessions is recommended in order to experience the full benefit of the skills. If you cannot make a session, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


In the Parents & Caregivers Group, do parents and teens attend this group together?

The Parent/Caregiver Group is a space for parents and caregivers only. If you would like your teen to learn similar strategies they are welcome to attend the teen group.


Do I need to share my personal story/participate in group?

We encourage participation while also recognizing that not every person will feel comfortable to engage in open discussion. It is your choice and we respect your decision.


Will I be charged a fee for missing a session?

We understand that life happens. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice when possible.

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