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Midlife & Beyond

COPE Well with Change: A Supportive Skills Group for Women in Midlife and Beyond

For 4 weeks, we will meet for 2 hours by Zoom and our conversations together will focus on:

1) Normalizing the Midlife and Beyond Experience: We will normalize and validate our experience to move beyond feeling isolated and to a place of acceptance that this is the natural progression of our lives.

2) Living in the Present: We will practice living in the present moment versus focusing on the past and resisting the process of moving forward.

3) Self Compassion: We will notice our inner critic and develop the skill of replacing its unhelpful voice with a voice of self compassion.

4) Radical Acceptance: We will accept our humanness and life circumstances to limit the distress associated with this period.

5)  Framework for Emotional Resilience: We will develop a lifestyle framework that works for us.  Rather than using unhelpful "shoulds", we will develop a self inspired way of moving forward.


Each 2-hour group session is $162 and invoices will be provided for insurance purposes upon payment receipt.

Let us help you Cope Well.

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