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Meet the Facilitators

Who We Are

COPE Well Group Facilitator, Colette Kelso

Colette Kelso

Registered Psychotherapist

Colette is a Registered Psychotherapist with over 28 years of experience providing counselling support to adolescents, young adults and parents. Colette has been facilitating DBT Informed groups for several years and has had the pleasure to witness the positive impacts these groups have had on people's lives. Colette provides a warm, nonjudgmental, and compassionate approach that is firmly rooted in the belief that we are all experts in our own lives. She believes that, at times, we can benefit from new strategies to help us build stronger connections with ourselves and with those in our lives.

Nicole Barton

Registered Psychotherapist

Nicole is a Registered Psychotherapist who brings with her a lengthy history of providing mental health support to adolescents, young adults and their parents in the Ottawa community. Nicole has been facilitating Caregiver and Youth DBT Informed Groups for several years and is a strong advocate of the DBT framework. Nicole's approach to group therapy is collaborative, supportive and understanding. She believes that through skills-based learning, we can acquire the tools needed to support ourselves and our loved ones in times of hardship.

COPE Well Group Facilitator, Nicole Barton
COPE Well Group Facilitator, Jamie D. Brooks

Jamie D. Brooks

Clinical Psychologist

Jamie is a registered Psychologist in Ontario and the Clinical Director of Westboro Psychology. She has enjoyed working with youth and caregivers throughout her career, with a focus on compassionate self-understanding and meaningful communication. The group therapy format has intrigued Jamie since she was an adolescent, and she benefitted personally from participating in informal groups with peers. She continued to pursue this interest through graduate coursework in the group process and formal training in DBT. Jamie is thrilled to have the opportunity to supervise the provision of group therapy and skills training in the Ontario community.

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